Without a doubt, our customers comprise the main key to the prosperity of Doropharm k.s.. Therefore the aim of the company is to retain existing customers and to gain new ones. The needs and expectations of our  customers are clearly defined, transposed to requirements and fulfilled to satisfaction. In practice, this requires the constant assessment and re-assessment of information gained from our customers and other stakeholders.

Doropharm k.s. is engaged in the wholesale distribution of over-the-counter medical drugs, prescription medical drugs and a range of supplementary products that meet the needs and demands of its current and future customers. The company depends on reliability, safety, quality, prices and terms of delivery to achieve its goals. Doropharm k.s. intends to fulfil its resolutions by utilizing the knowledge and experience of its employees, customers and suppliers to the maximum possible extent.

Doropharm k.s. maintains the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the valid  EN  ISO  9001:2015 Standard and Good distribution practice. It is our duty to meet the requirements and maintain the efficiency of our Quality Management System and to increase the level of knowledge and skills of our employees on an ongoing basis. We utilize the process, time and knowledge of our employees efficiently for the distribution of medical drugs and related supplementary products whose quality and price will appeal to potential customers. We regularly perform supplier audits in order to increase the quality of our deliveries.

The Quality Management System  includes the organizational structure, procedures, processes, and resources, as well as activities necessary to ensure that our product maintains its quality and integrity in compliance with the Quality Management System which is followed in the legal supply chain during storage and transportation. The Quality Management System is documented in the form of organizational guidelines and SOP in the comprehensive handling of medical drugs. The efficiency of the Quality Management System is monitored through a system of internal audits. The qualified person for the wholesale distribution of medical drugs is in charge of the introduction and maintenance of the Quality Management System.


The Quality Management System covers storage, warehouse, quality control, packaging, distribution, logistics and transport coordination.


Continuous control of the temperature and environment

Quality control: 

Income, ongoing and outcome controls of quality during the entire cycle of product distribution


Protection against external factors, including contamination


As per GDP requirements